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Image of Portraits of Greek and Turkish People by Benjamin Mary

To mark both Oxi Day (when Greek premier Metaxas rejected proposals from the Axis powers in 1940)  and the Bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, the Embassy of Greece in London is hosting the launch of the Exhibition “History has a Face”.

The event will feature presentations by a number of modern-day philhellenes including CCGS member Dr Jennifer Wallace (Harris Fellow and Director of Studies in English at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge.)

Venue: The Embassy of Greece, 1A Holland Park, W11 3TP

Date and time: Tuesday 26th October from 6pm - 7.30pm


Exhibition “History has a Face”

6.00 pm: Welcome message by Ioannis Raptakis, Ambassador of Greece

6.05 pm: Video message by Dimitra Koukkiou, National History Museum

6.10 pm: Video projection «Επιθυμία Ελευθερίας»

6.30 pm: Benjamin Mary: The Face of a Belgian Philhellene by Gonda Van Steen, Koraes Chair of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature, King's College, London

6.40 pm: ‘Mix’d Celtic Memories with the Phrygian Mount’: George Finlay, Historian and Philhellene by Dr Alasdair Grant, Curatorial (Postdoctoral) Fellow, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, The University of Edinburgh

6.50 pm: Poets and Philhellenes by Dr Jennifer Wallace, Harris Fellow and Director of Studies in English at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge

7.00 pm: Narration passages from Memoires of Makrygiannis and Kolokotronis by Angeliki Petropetsioti, Actress - Theatre Director and Artistic Director of Mirror Theatre, London

7.20 pm: Visitors will be able to look through the exhibition ‘History has a face’

Attendees are kindly requested to adhere to social distancing requirements and to wear a mask at all times except when intervening in the event, eating or drinking.


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