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Applicants must:

  • have, or be in the process of building, an academic career;
  • hold a doctorate gained at least five years before the intended start of the Visiting Fellowship;
  • be employed by a higher education institution or be of a comparable academic standing to an employee of a higher education institution;
  • be actively involved in the research-level study of the languages, cultures and history of the people of the Greek peninsula and their diaspora from the 2nd millennium BCE to the present, or of the reception of the above in an adjacent field in the humanities;
  • be proficient in English.


Application Procedure

Applications should comprise:

  • An academic curriculum vitae (maximum of five pages,)
  • A brief covering letter (no more than 2 pages) stating the dates proposed for the visit, the reason for application, and research plans while in Cambridge,
  • Two academic references (sent independently by the referees themselves.)

Applicants may have a greater chance of success if their projects connect in some way with research already being undertaken at Cambridge.

Applications should be emailed to:


Application Decisions

Applicants may have a greater chance of success if they can link their projects in some way to research that is being, or has already been, undertaken at Cambridge.



The competition for Fellowships to be held in the academic year October 2025 – June 2026 closes on 31st January 2025.