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The Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies offers a number of postdoctoral Visiting Fellowships each academic year. Each Visiting Fellow is appointed for a maximum of one academic term and receives access to the University of Cambridge library system for the duration of their fellowship.


Purpose of the Fellowships

The purpose of the fellowship program is to encourage and support research of the highest quality in the field of Greek Studies. This field covers the languages, cultures and history of the people of the Greek peninsula and their near neighbours or diaspora from the 2nd millennium BCE to the present, or of the reception of the above in an adjacent field in the humanities including, but not restricted to, history, education, literary criticism, divinity, law, and architecture. It also covers comparative scholarship involving Greek Studies.

The fellowships are of 4 to 10 weeks duration and are intended to help diverse scholars from around the world share ideas and forge new partnerships in a vibrant, cross-disciplinary context. The Centre particularly encourages innovative scholarship in the broad field of Greek studies, via fresh diachronic, synchronic, comparative, methodological or theoretical perspectives.

The terms of the appointments provide for financial support including:

  • £300 per week (7 days), or part week, for a maximum of ten weeks;
  • travel costs (including ground transport.)


How to Apply