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Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies - About - Cambridge University

CCGS is a hub dedicated to expanding the field of Greek studies - its breadth and depth.  We are committed to developing knowledge and understanding through research, discourse, debate, redefinition, and challenging norms.  We work to ensure that Greek Studies are accessible and relevant to all and to widen engagement with all aspects of Greek language and culture - past and present. We achieve all this by drawing on the vast array of teaching and research across all the relevant disciplines of Cambridge University and by offering:

  • Access to world-class resources
  • Access to world-class teaching
  • Access to global collaboration.

The CCGS is a virtual Centre for researchers interested in the study of Greek language and culture from a synchronic and a diachronic perspective.

CCGS’s originality lies in its support for the study of Modern, Medieval and Classical Greek language and culture from a variety of research perspectives and interests. Its strongest element is the teaching of Modern Greek Language, the large number of linguists from both Faculties interested in different periods of Greek and the similarly strong presence of Classical Reception in both MML and Classics.

Specifically, we will:

· Maintain and expand the study of Modern Greek language and culture at UG level as well as its links with different periods of Greek

· Maintain and expand the teaching of Modern Greek language: Cambridge and Oxford are now the only places that offer teaching of Modern Greek at UG level. The number of students in Cambridge is large and growing with a record number of 27 students in 2017-18.

· Offer instruction in Modern Greek language, linguistics and culture to researchers and members of staff.

· Greek linguistics: there will be a mutual benefit for the Centre and several Cambridge academics who are actively engaged in research in the field. This will be a unique feature of the Centre.

· Offer the possibility of MPhil choices in Modern Greek Language and Culture.

· Disseminate the culture of Modern Greece by maintaining and expanding the academic and outreach activities of Modern Greek: seminars, public lectures and other events, participation in the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.