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Depitcion of Ancient Greek Business - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Cambridge University - CCGS

Cambridge University, the National University of Singapore, and Freiburg University, have announced an event to mark the retirement of the prominent scholar Dr. Paul Millett.

Dr. Millett, Senior Lecturer in Classics and Vice-master of Downing College is bringing a long and illustrious to a close in 2022. Whilst studying both Economics and Classics at Cambridge, he was tutored by the noted academic and ancient economic historian, Sir Moses Israel Finley, going on to become one of his most prominent students in the field. He describes himseld as "... an Ancient Economic Historian (of the Greek world)..." and his research has focused on the economy of ancient Athens and the societal interractions that shaped it. As Dr. Millett puts it: "In fact, for the Classical world, it is impossible to separate off economy from society."

The conference, which takes place in July 2022, will feature papers on a wide variety of aspects of Athenian economic activity ranging from discussions of city-wide economy to economic experiences of families and individuals.

For more details, visit:

Athens: Economy & Democracy Conference (in honour of P. Millett) 8–9 July 2022.

Image courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license