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Introduction to Ancient Philosophy - Cambridge University - Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies

This set of lectures provides an introduction to Ancient Philosophy by focusing initially on the figure of Socrates, who was of seminal importance for most subsequent developments in Greek thought. We will look mainly at Plato’s presentation of this enigmatic figure, a presentation that is often inseparable from Plato’s own philosophical views. The lectures will consider how to read and interpret Plato’s ‘Socratic conversations’ philosophically and show how they can be a provocation to further philosophical inquiry.  The main texts will be Plato’s Apology, Euthyphro, Laches,Protagoras, Gorgias, Meno, Phaedo and Republic. Those attending the course are encouraged to read as much as possible of these in advance. A convenient translation, all in one volume, is John Cooper ed. Plato: the complete works (Hackett: Indianapolis, 1997). In the Lent Term, this introductory course will include a block of lectures devoted particularly to ‘methods and themes in Ancient Philosophy’, aimed primarily at Classicists who are thinking of taking Ancient Philosophy options at Part 1B and beyond.

Course Details

Name: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy: Socrates and Plato​

Faculty: Classics

Lecturer: Prof R Hunter

Term: Michaelmas, weeks 1–4

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