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Date and Time: Monday, 29th April, 2024 at 19:30h GMT

Venue: Old Combination Room, Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TN


Joe's Odyssey is 24 songs inspired by Odysseus' famous exploits and represents in a contemporary musical mode both the abridged plot and the performance circumstances of Homer's original oral composition of the Odyssey. The performance runs around 40 minutes and is followed by a robust audience discussion. More information at and

Joe Goodkin is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter with a BA in Classics from UW-Madison. He has performed his original song retellings of Homer's Odyssey and Iliad (The Blues of Achilles) over 450 times in all 50 US States, Canada, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, and now the UK and Ireland. He has released 13 albums, most recently a collection called Consolations and Desolations produced by founding Wilco drummer Ken Coomer.

You can read an article Joe wrote about being a modern bard at the journal Eidolon and he has also adapted the Iliad into a song cycle called The Blues of Achilles.

Monday, 29 April, 2024 - 19:30